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Healthy Food Choices

Q: I have been trying to eat a healthier diet; how can I find healthy choices in the Bon Appétit café?

Bon Appétit is committed to offering choices that fit a variety of nutritional goals. Our chefs cook from scratch, creating meals that are alive with flavor and nutrition, and that look, taste, and smell delicious. Their menus also reflect what is in season for your region, featuring a variety of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, fish, as well as meat and poultry. Our chefs use healthy cooking techniquest to bring flavor to their dishes while using healthy fats for cooking.

Because health and wellness is so personal, we serve foods that meet a wide variety of tastes and dietary preferences, so we can assure you that there is something for you in our café. Many of our stations allow for customization to meet your individual needs. Our managers are also always happy to help you identify menu items that meet your specific preferences, so please reach out to us and we can help you.

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Food Calories

Q: Can you tell me how many calories are in the food in Bon Appétit cafés?

We provide calorie information on our everyday favorite menu items, in compliance with the federal menu labeling laws that require nutrition information for those items that are served 60 or more days per year. To find that information, go to the café page on cafebonappetit.com, click the tab for Additional Lunch Favorites (or whichever meal item you’re looking for). There you will find full nutrition information available for these dishes.* Calorie information is also available in your cafe for these items.

Much of our menu, however, changes on a daily basis, depending on the season and availability of locally sourced products. As you may already know, Bon Appétit kitchens utilize a from-scratch style of cooking, in which menu items are prepared from fresh ingredients in our kitchens each day, in accordance with what’s in season and what’s popular with that particular group of guests. In this system, our chefs do not follow corporate recipes in which the ingredients are weighed or measured. They cook like many people do at home, tasting and adjusting throughout preparation so that the final menu items meet our standards for flavor and quality. Without a standardized recipe, specific nutrition information is likely to be inaccurate.

It is our standard practice to employ healthy cooking techniques to create flavorful dishes without the use of excess sugar, salt, and fat, so you can find healthy items to meet a variety of wellness goals within our café. If you’re looking for a well-balanced plate, look for meals labeled as “In Balance,” which means that it has a balanced portion of vegetables, whole grains or a nutrient-rich starch, and a lean protein, all prepared with minimal amounts of healthy fats.

*Bon Appétit Management Company attempts to provide nutrition information that is as complete as possible. The nutritional values are based on USDA data, common cooking techniques, and data from our suppliers. Variations may occur due to the use of regional suppliers, seasonal influences, differences in product preparation at the kitchen level, recipe revisions, and other factors. This information is always subject to change and will be updated periodically. September 2019

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Food Allergies

Q: How can I eat safely with my food allergy or intolerance?

A: Bon Appétit takes food allergies very seriously. We carefully train our staff on food allergy awareness issues, and we use descriptive menuing to call out foods that use the eight major allergens. However, due to the complexities of food allergies, we prefer to work with you individually on meeting your specific dietary needs. Our onsite chef and/or manager will meet with you to develop a plan that may include special menu items, ingredient identification, custom preparation and communication to necessary staff to ensure that you can eat safely. We also have a team of registered dietitians who can help you and our managers identify the best plan for you.

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Café Offerings

Q: What types of choices should I expect in a Bon Appétit café?

A: The offerings will vary somewhat from café to café. However, all Bon Appétit menus are driven by our passion for great food.

A few examples of items you will always find in our cafés:

        • An extensive salad bar including fresh greens, twelve or more vegetables, beans, lean protein options, composed salads, crunchy toppings and house- made salad dressings.
        • A fresh deli bar featuring turkey and roast beef, slow-roasted in each kitchen as well as a variety of other meats, cheeses, vegetables, condiments, spreads and breads.
        • A selection of house- made soups, always including a vegetarian option.
        • Two or more hot entrée options with tasty sides including whole grains and fresh vegetables.
        • An exhibition area where we cook to order for you. The menu will vary from basic stir-fries to ethnic and regional favorites.
        • Our cafés also include an extensive grill, pizza and dessert menu, fresh fruits, beverages and a wide range of condiments.

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Weight Management

Q: I’m concerned about my weight. Does Bon Appétit offer diet foods?

A: These days the approaches to weight management are more varied than ever. Some people swear by low fat while others have gone to low carbohydrate or just count calories. Bon Appétit will not try to dictate which is right for you. Our menus provide choices for all of these approaches. All Bon Appétit menus include a wide selection of fresh lean meats and vegetarian proteins, extensive salad and fresh vegetable options, whole grains and beans, as well as milk, soy milk, yogurts, fruits, which is the right portions, will support weight management.

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Special Dietary Needs

Q: How does Bon Appétit address special religious dietary needs?

The availability of kosher foods, halal foods, and other foods that meet religious dietary observances varies at different Bon Appétit accounts. Please contact your account’s onsite dining services for the options that are available at your location.

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Q: I follow a specific diet for lactose intolerance/celiac disease/diabetes/high blood pressure and need to be able to stay on my diet. How can I do this in a Bon Appétit café?

Bon Appétit cafés use multiple self-serve and cooked-to-order stations that encourages an individualized approach, allowing you to follow any personal diet that you desire. However, if you have trouble identifying which items meet your needs, we are here to help. The general manager and executive chef can answer questions and help you get to know what foods work for you in the café. In most cases, the choices are already there. If not, we can work with you to prepare items that meet your dietary needs. When appropriate, you and the onsite staff can also consult with our corporate registered dietitian for help with making menu choices.

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Diet Trends and Other Nutrition Topics

I’m following ‘X’ diet (keto, paleo, Whole 30, etc). Does Bon Appétit offer foods that meet the requirements of these diets?

We offer meals that meet a wide variety of dietary preferences, and many meals can be customized to meet your specific dietary needs. In many cases you will find meals at a handful of stations that suit your preferences — the salad bar, deli, and cook-to-order stations are great places to start as they offer the most amount of customization. We also recommend that our guests “shop” different stations to create meals to fit your preferences if you don’t find what you’re looking for at one station. For example, you might find an entrée at the comfort station and then pair that with a salad from the salad bar or vegetables at the grill station.

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I’m interested in learning about the latest trends in nutrition. Where can I find more information?

Keeping up with current nutrition science can be a challenge for consumers — it may seem like recommendations are always changing! That’s why we make it a priority to help our guests cut through the clutter and break down the science of trending topics in wellness. We cover current food, nutrition, and wellness trends in The Buzz articles. We also answer your burning nutrition questions in our monthly Wellness Tips column. Our digital wellness library features articles on weight management, sports nutrition, eating to feel your best, sustainable eating, and special diets. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Submit a question to our dietitians and we may feature it in a future article!

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I’m looking to cook more at home. Do you have healthy recipes available?

We have a recipe database filled with healthy recipes that have been reviewed and approved by our dietitians.

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I have questions about nutrition and would like to speak with a professional. How can I connect with a Bon Appétit dietitian?

We’d be happy to talk to you! We have a team of national, regional, and account-level dietitians that can answer your questions. Submit your name and where you’re located to our “ask the dietitian” submission form, and you will be connected to one of our team members.

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Disclaimer: We attempt to provide nutrition information that is as complete as possible. The nutritional values are based on USDA data, common cooking techniques, and data from our suppliers. Variations may occur due to the use of regional suppliers, seasonal influences, differences in product preparation at the kitchen level, recipe revisions, and other factors. This information is always subject to change and will be updated periodically. Aug 2013